What is the cost of shipping a 2G Flicx Pitch to the USA??

To all cricket clubs, colleges and academies in the USA, we have some good news which makes purchasing a 2G Flicx Pitch even more cost effective than previous seasons. Flicx UK are offering £300 towards the shipping of a full match pitch and £150 towards the shipping of any batting end. Typical quotes are £520-£535 for a match pitch so the customer contribution is typically only £220 approximately.

The 2G Flicx Pitch is a game changer for cricket participation in the States. We have fantastic case studies from clubs and colleges that have used our portable, versatile pitch to play cricket matches either by rolling it out onto a synthetic surface, baseball square or using public grass fields thus solving their facility problem, when it’s not possible to curate a turf wicket.

Existing satisfied customers include

  • Cricket Council USA
  • Long Island Youth Cricket Academy in NY
  • Harvard University – READ CASE STUDY
  • Tallahassee University
  • San Diego Cricket Association – READ CASE STUDY
  • Northwest Cricket League, Washington State & Twelves Cricket Club, Washington State
  • Cricmax Academy, New Jersey
  • Novel Sports on Trinidad and Tobago – READ CASE STUDY 

How is the 2G Flicx Pitch used in the States?

The 2G Flicx Pitch is a portable, roll out – roll up solution so it ticks the boxes for those looking to play in parks or open spaces as the pitch can be rolled out just before the game and there is no damage to the under surface. Cricket academies have seen huge benefit in using batting ends to develop their talent whilst the pitch is also commonly laid on concrete or synthetic turf fields to convert them into cricketing venues.

Players and clubs always point to the increase in the match quality with the 2G Flicx Pitch. It provides a grippy surface where the ball comes onto the bat nicely, favouring neither the batters or bowlers.

“We take immense pride in providing the Beehive State with a pitch which enhances the scope of cricket in Utah to the next level. Our new pitch allows an even playing field for the batsman and bowlers, helps the youngsters develop their skills as well as provides a set-up for adults to hone their skills. We truly believe that the 2G Flicx is to play a catalyst for us as a club to reach one of our true goals and that is to create opportunities for more people to enjoy the global game!!” – Utah Lions

“We chose the 2G Flicx Pitch because it’s a portable solution and means Novel Sports can set up a cricket experience centre at various locations for all to enjoy. We have already found that kids are very motivated to play on artificial surfaces such as the Flicx Pitch as it offers a good bounce and spin” – Novel Sports (Trinidad)

Interest is at a record high in the states as Flicx are able to offer more competitive shipping rates than previously. View our range of 2G Flicx Pitches or Click Here to get a quote of your club or school including US shipping charges

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A less expensive way to get more people playing cricket by Crispin Andrews

Article taken from the Bucks Herald

A couple of weeks ago, the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) revealed they plan to spend £50m on inner city cricket. Mostly on developing new grounds and renovating run down pitches in places where there are few clubs and not that many green spaces.

Cricket on a Flicx Pitch

Cricket on a Flicx Pitch

Aylesbury has lots of green spaces, but it has only two cricket pitches, for almost 59,000 people. It’s expensive to make a piece of grassland into a cricket pitch. To maintain it requires even more cash. Not to mention expertise, equipment and someone to do all the paperwork.

There is another less expensive way to get people playing cricket, though. Flicx UK, based in Brackley, just a few miles from Westbury on Aylesbury Vale’s North West border, produce synthetic cricket wickets that you can either leave down permanently, or roll up and store in the shed, after you’ve used it.

You can put a Flicx pitch down on a cricket pitch outfield, on a football pitch, or even on common land. As long as it’s relatively flat. Also in the park, on an Astroturf football pitch, a school field. Even in your back garden or indoors on a sprung sports hall floor.

You can use soft or hard balls. The pitch takes spin and seam. It just needs a bit of rolling in. It meets ECB requirements for bounce and traction. Which means you won’t slip over and the harder the surface underneath the higher the ball bounces.

Flicx’s Richard Beghin originally designed these pitches for South African youngsters in townships… people who had even fewer cricket pitches than British inner city kids.

You can get a green match pitch, and a multi-coloured coaching strip, with targets that help bowlers hit different lengths. Now, there’s also an Eagle-eyed pitch.

2G Flicx Eagle-eyed Pitch

2G Flicx Eagle-eyed Pitch

You know that pitch map graphic you get on Sky when there’s a contentious LBW decision, or third umpire has to make a call. Or when a commentator is trying to explain which part of the pitch a particular bowler has been landing the ball on.

Now put the full, good length and short of length zones on a synthetic wicket, and put a yellow strip straight down the middle for LBWs. And you’ve got the new Flicx pitch. Perfect if you’re practicing bowling consistent line and length for a game, or controlling your variations for a T20 slogfest. No more rows about who’s out leg before.

Sports like football and basketball have always had an advantage over cricket, in that you don’t have to have a specialist playing area to get a game going. With one of these Flicx pitches, having a few hits is almost as easy as having a kickabout.

Crispin Andrews is an Aylesbury-based writer and journalist. He writes for the Cricketer, Four Four Two, Inside Cricket, Readers Digest, Flipside and Engineering and Technology Magazine. He has played cricket locally for 25 years, including stints at Aylesbury Town, Tring Park, Dinton & Buckingham Town.

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