5 reasons your cricket club will LOVE the 2G Flicx Pitch

As cricket clubs in the northern hemisphere start to think about plans for the new cricket season, the need to create new facilities and develop existing ones is prevalent for many committees and organisations. The 2G Flicx Pitch is a problem solver in this area so here are our top 5 reasons why your club will love the 2G Flicx Pitch and what it can do for your cricket and the standard of your matches and training …

  1. It’s a COST-EFFECTIVE solution to upgrade worn or under performing net facilities – You don’t need to dig or expensive ground works. Just roll out the new 2G Flicx Pitch over the top!
  2. It’s the MOST VERSATILE cricket pitch on the market – Use it for senior or junior cricket, for matches or training, indoors or outdoors!! A multi-use pitch that will allow your club to accommodate more teams or players.
  3. It allows you to CREATE NEW CRICKET FACILITIES – A grass football or rugby field, park or synthetic field can be used to host cricket with minimal preparation and no damage to the under surface.
  4. It’s EASY TO MOVE AND USE – The 2G Flicx Pitch is a portable product and it’s possible for one person to roll it out and back up after the game using the Flicx Safety Trolley. This takes work from away from the groundsman’s busy schedule or allows nomad clubs to play at different venues.
  5. It performs well and gives GOOD PACE AND CONSISTENT BOUNCE on a range of under surfaces – The 2G Flicx Pitch delivers performance with the 2G tile being softer, it offers more grip for batsmen and turn for your spinners. Bowlers can hit the pitch hard and the ball comes nicely onto the bat. But don’t just take our word for it, here are some of our customer testimonials … https://www.flicx.co.uk/pitches/testimonials/

To learn more about the 2G Flicx Pitch and how it should be used, take a look at our new Six Steps to Success PDF download and accompanying video.

For a quote for your cricket club or for more in depth advice, call us on +44(0)1295 816765 or email sales@flicx.co.uk or complete the short form on our website GET A QUOTE

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Preparing your Flicx Pitch for the new season – Natwest Cricket Force Weekend (28th-29th March) …

Natwest Cricket Force weekend #NWCF is a great time to ensure your Flicx Pitch is ready for the new season. Add it to the project list and assign two volunteers to the job. It should not take too long and is well worth the effort now – it will certainly pay dividends for the rest of the season.

 2271 clubs are registered for #NWCF

2271 clubs are registered for #NWCF

Here are a few  simple things to do to ensure you have a fully operating Flicx Pitch ready for the season

  • Using your sack truck or trolley move your Flicx Pitch to the outfield, where there is sufficient space to roll it out for cleaning and inspection. It’s worthwhile having two volunteers involved when moving the pitch and we would recommend that they use gloves.

Transporting your Flicx Pitch

  • Using a mop and a bucket of warm soapy water ( A standard washing up liquid should be sufficient)  give it a good clean. For the more stupor bits of dirt/ mud you may need a harder broom or even a hose to wash it off.

Brush / Mop your Flicx Pitch to remove the dirt & mud

  • Once clean, its now time for inspection.  What you are looking for is any broken tiles. Tiles sometimes break at the connectors which may be down to old age, mishandling, incorrect storage etc.  The Flicx tiles themselves however are easily replaced. All you need is a small flat head screw driver and a hammer-  please see link to  our blog on making minor repairs to your Flicx Pitch (Click Here)
  • If you are not sure how to remove the broken tiles or how many you may need, we would suggest you take a photo and email it to gary@flicx.com or call him or Rob on 01295816765 where they can provide expert advice.
  • You can purchase replacement tiles directly from Flicx UK which can be shipped within a day or two of ordering. Again just contact gary@flicx.com with your order

Cricket Force weekend and the Easter break is a good time to get your  Flicx Pitch out and ready for the season, especially if you are going to roll it out and leave it in situ for the season. Please Click Here for the correct procedure for the installation of a Flicx Pitch and recommended maintenance guidance or Click Here to download our PDF guide.

We wish you and your club good luck for the season … you can keep in touch with us via our social media accounts

Twitter : Facebook : Instagram – do tweet us a pitch of your handywork this weekend and we will feature the best ones for some extra moral support!!

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2G Flicx Pitch at Littletown CC is officially opened by Durham cricketer Chris Rushworth

Littletown CC under 11’s played the first ever game on the clubs new 2G Flicx Pitch on Saturday and put in a performance to match beating Etherley, under the watchful eye of Durham’s Chris Rushworth who had earlier cut the ribbon and officially opened the new pitch which was the clubs prize for winning a nationwide competition run in the Cricketer Magazine.

BqFQmZIIIAAdnGZ.jpg large

The cricketing fun day included a Q+A with Chris, a BBQ and lots of Crazy Catch games as well as a fundraising raffle which raised over £100 for Chris’ “Dry 2014” challenge in aid of Save the Children. A great day was had by all and the cricket on the new 2G Flicx wicket was to a very high standard with the Littletown juniors pulling our all the stops in a fine batting display, in their first ever win!

Speaking about their prize from Flicx UK, Edd Finn the Littletown CC Chairman said “The Flicx 2G pitch has given our teams the chance to regularly practice on our square without the worry of cutting up our wickets, whilst also offering genuine bounce and pitch movements that a grass pitch would offer. It has enabled us to play junior games when our grass pitches have been too damp and has produced good sensible bounce that has enabled a well contested game to be carried out.”

Littletown CC has been transformed recently from an “overgrown wasteland” into a “field of dream” and the club has further ambitious plans to redevelop and extend the pavilion in the next few years. With a great community spirit and some passionate volunteers – we are certain that Littletown are destined for a big future. Our event video will be released soon, in the meantime please do check out our photo gallery below

For more information about Flicx Pitches, visit the website at www.flicx.co.uk whilst to follow the fortunes of Littletown visit http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/littletowncc/ – or find us both on Twitter and Facebook

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Flicx UK partner with the Twenty 20 International Cricket Roadshow #T20roadshow

Flicx UK are delighted to be supporting the first Twenty 20 International cricket roadshow this summer as it takes cricket to emerging nations Poland and Romania. Flicx UK have lent the company van to Neil Bunting’s team for their trip which they hope will expand into a larger European tour in summer 2014. In additional Flicx have loaned a pitch for use at the events on the roadshow as well as some Crazy Catch nets to assist in the coaching sessions that T20 International will be delivering.

The #T20roadshow departs from Flicx HQ, nr Brackley

The #T20roadshow departs from Flicx HQ, nr Brackley

The first stop on the trip, which set off from Flicx HQ on Monday, is the Piotrowice Nyskie Cricket Festival in Poland running from the 27th-28th July. For more information on the festival click here.  In conjunction with co-host Jim Parton, at his spectacular Palace venue, T20 International will be welcoming two teams from Warsaw (one all native Poles), along with teams from Krakow, Hungary and the UK for a weekend of Sixes, T20 games and other cricket activities.  Speaking about the tournament Neil Bunting said “We are delighted to be able to take out a Flicx wicket to use at the Festival”

Thereafter, the roadshow will be arriving in Cluj, Romania on Monday 29th July and the team will be delivering coaching / coach education on the 30th and 31st July at Cricket Club Cluj supported by Marc Pillich-Wright, president of Cluj Cricket Club in Romania with 30+teachers registered to attend to learn how to deliver cricket in their schools. A mix of abilities is expected including newcomers to the sport and the participants will be doing a combination of playing cricket and then practicing 12 games they can deliver in their own schools with follow up coaching plans supplied post course.  Flicx have decided to donate a brand new pitch to Cricket Romania and the presentation will be made by Neil Bunting from Twenty 20 on behalf of Flicx UK to Cricket Club Cluj to celebrate their new affiliate membership of the ICC. (Read More)

In terms of aspirations for the trip, T20 International are seeking to forge good links in Romania with a view to providing ongoing coaching support and coaching sessions to meet the nations growing needs and interest… additionally, this is ideal preparation for the more ambitious proposed full European Roadshow next summer. To keep in touch with the guys on the trip follow the hashtag #T20roadshow on Twitter

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A new approach to using a Flicx Pitch

Previously the Flicx Pitch was seen as a portable pitch that could be rolled out and back and moved around to different venues as required by the customer. Whilst this is one benefit of the Flicx Pitch, a new approach has also been developed which see’s the Flicx Pitch installed to form a more permanent surface for cricket, at a fraction of the cost of an astroturf or a fully maintained crease.

This new approach see’s clubs and schools” rolling in” the Flicx Pitch which gives a good foundation for a consistent bounce without any expensive excavation work.

Flicx Pitch after being rolled and captains before the match

Flicx Pitch after being rolled and captains before the match

A good time to carry out this work is over the Easter weekend just in time for the cricket season whilst also allowing time for the grass to grow through the pitch as shown in the photo above which creates a realistic turf like bounce when playing with either a soft or hard ball. If you are interest in purchasing a Flicx Pitch please visit our website www.flicx.co.uk or contact us for our approved list of retailers.

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