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  3. Hi I am Kumar from Srilanka. I am a member of the St.Benedict’s College Cricket Development Wing. We are looking for durable leather/softball ball pitches for training students below 12.

    Can you please email to phil@sltnet.lk quotations for the following. Should be CIF Colombo price.
    1.New Flicx junior batting pitch for coaching kids blow 12 for outdoor (hard asphalt surface)
    2.Regular Flicx Match Pitch for outdoor (to be laid on grass or clay surface)

  4. Our organisation Maxtalent Global Sports is located in Dubai and are expolring to have a Flicx training/match pitch. Also if price is competetive we would like to donate a Pitch to a Trust engaged in working for Tribal Kids (Adivasi) development in India, state of Maharashtra about 70 km from Mumbai. Cricket is the game that they are training the kids (im their key patron0. But due to limited fund resources they can’t at this moment of time put up a Turf Pitch BUT, so thought could take Flicx assist to guide and support providing best price for a Flicx Pitch which could be used for Match Outdoor and during monsoon Indoor in India and UAE too. Cheers
    Sudhakar Shetty.
    Maxtalent Global Sports

  5. hi sir,

    i want to know price for flicx pitch for play cricket match and size is 20x12mx2.05m and sir i want to know that do you know somebody or company in Dubai because i want to buy in Dubai.

    thanking you

    amin ibrahim

    • Hi Amin

      Thanks for your interest – we will get a quote to you and correspond via email … there are lots of our pitches in Dubai

      Thanks Kate

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